The Pledge Which Will Keep US in Debt

Debt Reduction – How Can it Be Possible?

Elected Politicians have a long history of spending more than they take in in tax revenue and borrowing to cover their (our) deficits. There are many reasons why the Debt has been increasing out of control and will continue to do so. The Trump Tax Cut, which is projected to substantially cut tax revenue, is the most recent. Other reasons are the enormous military spending. Elected Politicians recklessly engaged the US in the longest, unfunded, wars in its history with no exit plan.  They did not increase taxes when: 1) the US went to war in Afghanistan, and 2) was mislead into an invasion and war in Iraq.  The US has been almost continuously engaged in military operations in multiple countries around the world. Months before the US took military action against Afghanistan, Elected Politicians reduced taxes and did not increase taxes even though there were massive increases in direct and indirect military and defense spending.  It is estimated these tax cuts, wars and military actions added Trillions to the Debt. Current projections are continuation of these military actions will add Trillions more to the Debt, with no funding offset.

Most rational individuals, who truly understand the financial mess Elected Politicians have created in the US, believe fixing this mess and reversing the growth of the massive Debt will require both an increase in revenue and a reduction in spending. The following two videos explain why under Republican control this may never happen.  The first video is a segment of a Republican Presidential Debate shows all eight Republican candidates stating they would not vote for a $1 tax increase even if it is more than offset by $10 in reduced spending. The second video highlights retaliation for reelection if an Elected Politician violates an anti tax increase pledge he or she voluntarily signed. The names of Signers of the Pledge from the 115th Congress – 209 Republicans in Congress and 44 Republicans in the Senate follows. It does not appear the source data base has been updated for the 116th Congress. Each name indicates if the member is “C” current or “P” past. No Democrat signed the Pledge.

Republican Debate Video

The Pledge

Republican Debate

During a Republican Presidential Debate, when asked if Democrats agreed to a ratio of $10 in spending cuts to $1 in tax increases the eight candidates were asked to raise their hand if they would walk away from that deal. All eight raised their hand! How can the US expect to ever balance a budget or reduce the Debt if Elected Politicians walk away from such a deal?

The Pledge

The Pledge

209 Elected Politicians in the House and 44 Elected Politicians in the Senate, all Republicans, signed this anti-tax pledge crafted by Grover Norquist. The Pledge is a promise that these Elected Politicians will never, ever, vote for anything that will make taxes go up.

Norquist is a conservative activist who works with Republican Elected Politicians and their operatives. He has never been elected to public office. Norquist’s organization is well-funded by many undisclosed individuals and corporations. He  threatened to hold these Elected Politicians to the Pledge as long as they are in office. He will actively work against their reelection if they violate their Pledge, regardless of the economic consequences to the US.

Norquist stated that the Republican brand of “we will never raise your taxes” is what matters and he intends to win and crush the other team – i.e. Democrats. He says Republican Elected Politicians who vote for tax increase are like “rat heads in a Coke bottle” in that they damage the Republican brand. He also stated that if Elected Politicians violate the Pledge he will spend money to “educate” their voters to vote them out and to encourage these defeated Politicians to go into other lines of work like shoplifting, bank robbing or stealing where they have to do their own dirty work. One might think Norquist is saying that these Elected Politicians were doing the equivalent of shoplifting, bank robbing and stealing collectively with other Elected Politicians while in Elected Office. Now, they will have to do it on their own. View the 60 Minutes video “The Pledge” and you decide.

The Pledge Signers

Debt ($T)PledgedPoliticianPartyStateCurrent/PastH or S
21.5YYoungRAlaska At LargeCH
21.1YSensenbrennerRWisconsin 5CH
20.9NHoyerDMaryland 5CH
20.9YRogersRKentucky 5CH
20.9YSmithRNew Jersey 4CH
20.8NLevinDMichigan 9CH
20.6NKapturDOhio 9CH
20.2NConyersDMichigan 13PH
20.1NViscloskyDIndiana 1CH
20.1YBartonRTexas 6PH
19.6NPelosiDCalifornia 12CH
19.6NLewisDGeorgia 5CH
19.6NSlaughterDNew York 25PH
19.6NDeFazioDOregon 4CH
19.6YUptonRMichigan 6CH
19.6YSmithRTexas 21PH
19.1NNealDMassachusetts 1CH
19.1NPayneDNew Jersey 10CH
19.1NPalloneDNew Jersey 6CH
19.1NEngelDNew York 16CH
19.1NLoweyDNew York 17CH
19.1YRohrabacherRCalifornia 48CH
19.1YRos-LehtinenRFlorida 27PH
19.1YDuncanRTennessee 2PH
18.7NSerranoDNew York 15CH
18.3NWatersDCalifornia 43CH
18.3NDeLauroDConnecticut 3CH
18.3NNortonDDistrict of ColumbiaCH
18.3YJohnson RTexas 3PH
17.5NEshooDCalifornia 18CH
17.5NRoybal-AllardDCalifornia 40CH
17.5NHastingsDFlorida 20CH
17.5NBishopDGeorgia 2CH
17.5NRushDIllinois 1CH
17.5NGutiérrezDIllinois 4PH
17.5NNadlerDNew York 10CH
17.5NMaloneyDNew York 12CH
17.5NVelázquezDNew York 7CH
17.5NClyburnDSouth Carolina 6CH
17.5NGreenDTexas 29PH
17.5NJohnsonDTexas 30CH
17.5NScottDVirginia 3CH
17.5YRoyceRCalifornia 39PH
17.5YCalvertRCalifornia 42CH
17.5YKingRNew York 2CH
17.5YGoodlatteRVirginia 6PH
17.4YLucasROklahoma 3CH
17.0NLofgrenDCalifornia 19CH
17.0NDoyleDPennsylvania 18CH
17.0NJackson LeeDTexas 18CH
17.0NDoggettDTexas 35CH
17.0YFrelinghuysenRNew Jersey 11PH
17.0YJonesRNorth Carolina 3CH
17.0YSanfordRSouth Carolina 1PH
17.0YThornberryRTexas 13CH
16.8NBlumenauerDOregon 3CH
16.8NCummingsDMaryland 7CH
16.6NShermanDCalifornia 30CH
16.6NDeGetteDColorado 1CH
16.6NDavisDIllinois 7CH
16.6NMcGovernDMassachusetts 2CH
16.6NPascrellDNew Jersey 9CH
16.6NPriceDNorth Carolina 4CH
16.6NReedDRhode IslandCS
16.6NSmithDWashington 9CH
16.6NKindDWisconsin 3CH
16.6YAderholtRAlabama 4CH
16.6YShimkusRIllinois 15CH
16.6YSessionsRTexas 32PH
16.6YBradyRTexas 8CH
16.4NBradyDPennsylvania 1PH
16.4NMeeksDNew York 5CH
16.4NLeeDCalifornia 13CH
16.3NNapolitanoDCalifornia 32CH
16.3NThompsonDCalifornia 5CH
16.3NLarsonDConnecticut 1CH
16.3NSchakowskyDIllinois 9CH
16.3NCapuanoDMassachusetts 7PH
16.3NSchumerDNew YorkCS
16.3NCrowleyDNew York 14PH
16.3YSimpsonRIdaho 2CH
16.3YWaldenROregon 2CH
16.3YGrangerRTexas 12CH
16.3YRyanRWisconsin 1PH
16.3YShusterRPennsylvania 9PH
16.2YLattaROhio 5CH
16.2NSchiffDCalifornia 28CH
16.2NDavisDCalifornia 53CH
16.2NMcCollumDMinnesota 4CH
16.2NClayDMissouri 1CH
16.2NLangevinDRhode Island 2CH
16.2NLarsenDWashington 2CH
16.2YIssaRCalifornia 49PH
16.2YGravesRMissouri 6CH
16.2YCulbersonRTexas 7PH
16.1NLynchDMassachusetts 8CH
16.0YWilsonRSouth Carolina 2CH
15.5NGrijalvaDArizona 3CH
15.5NSánchezDCalifornia 38CH
15.5NScottDGeorgia 13CH
15.5NBordalloDGuam at largeCH
15.5NRuppersbergerDMaryland 2CH
15.5NRyanDOhio 13CH
15.5NCooperDTennessee 5CH
15.5YRogersRAlabama 3CH
15.5YNunesRCalifornia 22CH
15.5YDiaz-BalartRFlorida 25CH
15.5YKingRIowa 4CH
15.5YLoBiondoRNew Jersey 2PH
15.5YTurnerROhio 10CH
15.5YColeROklahoma 4CH
15.5YGrahamRSouth CarolinaCS
15.5YBlackburnRTennessee 7PH
15.5YBurgessRTexas 26CH
15.5YCarterRTexas 31CH
15.5YHensarlingRTexas 5PH
15.5YBishopRUtah 1CH
15.5NBecerraDCalifornia 34PH
14.8YTiberiROhio 12PH
14.6NButterfieldDNorth Carolina 1CH
14.3NCostaDCalifornia 16CH
14.3NWasserman SchultzDFlorida 23CH
14.3NLipinskiDIllinois 3CH
14.3NCleaverDMissouri 5CH
14.3NHigginsDNew York 26CH
14.3NCuellarDTexas 28CH
14.3NGreenDTexas 9CH
14.3NMooreDWisconsin 4CH
14.3YFortenberryRNebraska 1CH
14.3YBurrRNorth CarolinaCS
14.3YMcHenryRNorth Carolina 10CH
14.3YFoxxRNorth Carolina 5CH
14.3YDent(1)RPennsylvania 15PH
14.3YThuneRSouth DakotaCS
14.3YGohmertRTexas 1CH
14.3YMcCaulRTexas 10CH
14.3YConawayRTexas 11CH
14.3YPoeRTexas 2PH
14.3YMarchantRTexas 24CH
14.3YMcMorris RodgersRWashington 5CH
14.3YReichertRWashington 8PH
14.2NMatsuiDCalifornia 6CH
14.1YFranksRArizona 8PH
14.0YMurphyRPennsylvania 18PH
13.8NMenendezDNew JerseyCS
13.3NSiresDNew Jersey 8CH
13.3NEllisonDMinnesota 5PH
13.3NMcNerneyDCalifornia 9CH
13.3NPerlmutterDColorado 7CH
13.3NCourtneyDConnecticut 2CH
13.3NCastorDFlorida 14CH
13.3NJohnsonDGeorgia 4CH
13.3NLoebsackDIowa 2CH
13.3NYarmuthDKentucky 3CH
13.3NSarbanesDMaryland 3CH
13.3NWalz DMinnesota 1PH
13.3NPetersonDMinnesota 7CH
13.3NClarkeDNew York 9CH
13.3NCasey, Jr.DPennsylvaniaCS
13.3NWhitehouseDRhode IslandCS
13.3NCohenDTennessee 9CH
13.3NWelchDVermont At LargeCH
13.3YMcCarthyRCalifornia 23CH
13.3YLambornRColorado 5CH
13.3YBilirakisRFlorida 12CH
13.3YBuchananRFlorida 16CH
13.3YRoskamRIllinois 6PH
13.3YEmmerRMinnesota 6CH
13.3YSmithRNebraska 3CH
13.3YJordanROhio 4CH
12.9NTsongasDMassachusetts 3PH
12.8NWittmanRVirginia 1CH
12.6YScaliseRLouisiana 1CH
12.5NFosterDIllinois 11CH
12.5NCarsonDIndiana 7CH
12.5NSpeierDCalifornia 14CH
12.3YPrice(1)RGeorgia 6PH
11.3NGillibrandDNew YorkCS
11.3NGaramendiDCalifornia 3CH
11.3NPolisDColorado 2PH
11.3NHimesDConnecticut 4CH
11.3NPingreeDMaine 1CH
11.3NShaheenDNew HampshireCS
11.3NUdallDNew MexicoCS
11.3NLujánDNew Mexico 3CH
11.3NTonkoDNew York 20CH
11.3NSablanDNorthern Mariana IslandCH
11.3NSchraderDOregon 5CH
11.3NThompsonRPennsylvania 15CH
11.3NConnollyDVirginia 11CH
11.3YMcClintockRCalifornia 4CH
11.3YHunterRCalifornia 50CH
11.3YCoffmanRColorado 6PH
11.3YRooney RFlorida 17PH
11.3YPoseyRFlorida 8CH
11.3YJenkinsRKansas 2PH
11.3YGuthrieRKentucky 2CH
11.3YPaulsenRMinnesota 3PH
11.3YHarperRMississippi 3PH
11.3YLuetkemeyerRMissouri 3CH
11.3YLanceRNew Jersey 7PH
11.3YRoeRTennessee 1PH
11.3YOlsonRTexas 22CH
11.3NFudgeDOhio 11CH
10.8NQuigleyDIllinois 5CH
10.4NChuDCalifornia 27CH
9.2NChaffetzRUtah 3PH
9.1NDeutchDFlorida 21CH
8.9YGravesRGeorgia 14CH
8.1YReedRNew York 23CH
8.1NManchinDWest VirginiaCS
7.9NSewellDAlabama 7CH
7.9NBassDCalifornia 37CH
7.9NWilsonDFlorida 24CH
7.9NWoodallRGeorgia 7CH
7.9NYoderRKansas 3PH
7.9NRichmondDLouisiana 2CH
7.9NKeatingDMassachusetts 9CH
7.9NThompsonDMississippi 2CH
7.9NHoevenRNorth DakotaCS
7.9NFitzpatrickRPennsylvania 1CH
7.9NCicillineDRhode Island 1CH
7.9YRobyRAlabama 2CH
7.9YBrooksRAlabama 5CH
7.9YGosarRArizona 4CH
7.9YSchweikertRArizona 6CH
7.9YCrawfordRArkansas 1CH
7.9YWomackRArkansas 3CH
7.9YDenhamRCalifornia 10PH
7.9YTiptonRColorado 3CH
7.9YWebsterRFlorida 11CH
7.9YRossRFlorida 15PH
7.9YScottRGeorgia 8CH
7.9YLabradorRIdaho 1PH
7.9YHultgrenRIllinois 14PH
7.9YKinzingerRIllinois 16CH
7.9YRokitaRIndiana 4PH
7.9YBucshonRIndiana 8CH
7.9YHarrisRMaryland 1CH
7.9YHuizengaRMichigan 2CH
7.9YAmashRMichigan 3CH
7.9YWalbergRMichigan 7CH
7.9YPalazzoRMississippi 4CH
7.9YHartzlerRMissouri 4CH
7.9YLongRMissouri 7CH
7.9YPearceRNew Mexico 2PH
7.9YChabotROhio 1CH
7.9YStiversROhio 15CH
7.9YRenacciROhio 16PH
7.9YJohnsonROhio 6CH
7.9YGibbsROhio 7CH
7.9YBarlettaRPennsylvania 11PH
7.9YMarinoRPennsylvania 12CH
7.9YKellyRPennsylvania 16CH
7.9YMeehanRPennsylvania 17PH
7.9YDuncanRSouth Carolina 3CH
7.9YGowdyRSouth Carolina 4PH
7.9YNoemRSouth Dakota At LargePH
7.9YFleischmannRTennessee 3CH
7.9YDesJarlaisRTennessee 4CH
7.9YBlackRTennessee 6PH
7.9YFloresRTexas 17CH
7.9YGriffithRVirginia 9CH
7.9YHerrera BeutlerRWashington 3CH
7.9YMcKinleyRWest Virginia 1CH
7.9YDuffyRWisconsin 7CH
7.2YAmodeiRNevada 2CH
7.1YFarentholdRTexas 27PH
6.6NBonamiciDOregon 1CH
6.0YPompeoRKansas 4PH
5.9YMulvaneyRSouth Carolina 5PH
5.7NDelBeneDWashington 1CH
5.7YMassieRKentucky 4CH
5.5NSinemaDArizona 9PH
5.5NSwalwellDCalifornia 15CH
5.5NHuffmanDCalifornia 2CH
5.5NBrownleyDCalifornia 26CH
5.5NCárdenasDCalifornia 29CH
5.5NTakanoDCalifornia 41CH
5.5NLowenthalDCalifornia 47CH
5.5NVargasDCalifornia 51CH
5.5NPetersDCalifornia 52CH
5.5NBeraDCalifornia 7CH
5.5NCookRCalifornia 8CH
5.5NEstyDConnecticut 5PH
5.5NFrankelDFlorida 22CH
5.5NYohoRFlorida 3CH
5.5NGabbardDHawaii 2CH
5.5NDavisRIllinois 13CH
5.5NBustosDIllinois 17CH
5.5NWalorskiRIndiana 2CH
5.5NBrooksRIndiana 5CH
5.5NDelaneyDMaryland 6PH
5.5NKennedyDMassachusetts 4CH
5.5NKildeeDMichigan 5CH
5.5NNolanDMinnesota 8PH
5.5NTitusDNevada 1CH
5.5NKusterDNew Hampshire 2CH
5.5NHeinrichDNew MexicoCS
5.5NLujan GrishamDNew Mexico 1PH
5.5NMaloneyDNew York 18CH
5.5NMengDNew York 6CH
5.5NJeffriesDNew York 8CH
5.5NHeitkampDNorth DakotaPS
5.5NJoyceROhio 14CH
5.5NWenstrupROhio 2CH
5.5NBeattyDOhio 3CH
5.5NPerryRPennsylvania 10CH
5.5NCartwrightDPennsylvania 8CH
5.5NRiceRSouth Carolina 7CH
5.5NO'RourkeDTexas 16PH
5.5NCastroDTexas 20CH
5.5NVeaseyDTexas 33CH
5.5NVelaDTexas 34CH
5.5NStewartRUtah 2CH
5.5NHeckDWashington 10CH
5.5NKilmerDWashington 6CH
5.5NPocanDWisconsin 2CH
5.5YLaMalfaRCalifornia 1CH
5.5YValadaoRCalifornia 21PH
5.5YDeSantisRFlorida 6PH
5.5YCollinsRGeorgia 9CH
5.5YMesserRIndiana 6PH
5.5YBarrRKentucky 6CH
5.5YWagnerRMissouri 2CH
5.5YCollinsRNew York 27CH
5.5YMeadowsRNorth Carolina 11CH
5.5YHoldingRNorth Carolina 2CH
5.5YHudsonRNorth Carolina 8CH
5.5YPittengerRNorth Carolina 9PH
5.5YCramerRNorth Dakota At LargePH
5.5YMullinROklahoma 2CH
5.5YRothfusRPennsylvania 12PH
5.5YWeberRTexas 14CH
5.5YWilliamsRTexas 25CH
5.5YScottRSouth CarolinaCS
5.2NSmithRMissouri 8CH
5.1NKellyDIllinois 2CH
4.8NBookerDNew JerseyCS
4.7NClarkDMassachusetts 5CH
4.7YByrneRAlabama 1CH
4.6NBridenstineROklahoma 1PH
4.0NAdamsDNorth Carolina 12CH
4.0YBratRVirginia 7PH
4.0NNorcrossDNew Jersey 1CH
3.8NRadewagenRAmreica SamoaCH
3.8NMcSallyRArizona 2PH
3.8NGallegoDArizona 7CH
3.8NDeSaulnierDCalifornia 11CH
3.8NAguilarDCalifornia 31CH
3.8NLieuDCalifornia 33CH
3.8NTorresDCalifornia 35CH
3.8NRuizDCalifornia 36CH
3.8NCurbeloRFlorida 26PH
3.8NBostRIllinois 12CH
3.8NGravesRLouisiana 6CH
3.8NMoultonDMassachusetts 6CH
3.8NDingellDMichigan 12CH
3.8NLawrenceDMichigan 14CH
3.8NWatson ColemanDNew Jersey 12CH
3.8NStefanikRNew York 21CH
3.8NKatkoRNew York 24CH
3.8NRiceDNew York 4CH
3.8NBoyleDPennsylvania 2 CH
3.8NCostelloRPennsylvania 6PH
3.8NRoundsRSouth DakotaCS
3.8NArringtonRTexas 19CH
3.8NPlaskettDUS Virgin Islands - at largeCH
3.8NLoveRUtah 4PH
3.8NBeyerDVirginia 8CH
3.8NJenkinsRWest Virginia 3PH
3.8YPalmerRAlabama 6CH
3.8YHillRArkansas 2CH
3.8YWestermanRArkansas 4CH
3.8YKnightRCalifornia 25PH
3.8YWaltersRCalifornia 45PH
3.8YBuckRColorado 4CH
3.8YCarterRGeorgia 1CH
3.8YHiceRGeorgia 10CH
3.8YLoudermilkRGeorgia 11CH
3.8YAllenRGeorgia 12CH
3.8YBlumRIowa 1PH
3.8YYoungRIowa 3PH
3.8YAbrahamRLouisiana 5CH
3.8YPoliquinRMaine 2PH
3.8YTrottRMichigan 11PH
3.8YMoolenaarRMichigan 4CH
3.8YBishopRMichigan 8PH
3.8YMacArthurRNew Jersey 3PH
3.8YZeldinRNew York 1CH
3.8YTillisRNorth CarolinaCS
3.8YWalkerRNorth Carolina 6CH
3.8YRouzerRNorth Carolina 7CH
3.8YRussellROklahoma 5PH
3.8YHurdRTexas 23CH
3.8YBabinRTexas 36CH
3.8YRatcliffeRTexas 4CH
3.8YComstockRVirginia 10PH
3.8YNewhouseRWashington 4CH
3.8YMoore-CapitoRWest VirginiaCS
3.8YMooneyRWest Virginia 2CH
3.8YGrothmanRWisconsin 6CH
3.8YLaHoodRIllinois 18CH
3.8NDonovanRNew York 11PH
3.8NKellyRMississippi 1CH
2.7YDavidsonROhio 8CH
2.1YComerRKentucky 1CH
2.1NHanabusaDHawaii 1PH
2.1NEvansDPennsylvania 3CH
2.1NGomezDCalifornia 34CH
2.1YGianforteRMontana at-largeCH
2.1YHandelRGeorgia 6 PH
2.1YNormanRSouth Carolina 5CH
2.1YEstesRKansas 4CH
2.0NO'HalleranDArizona 1CH
2.0NKhannaDCalifornia 17CH
2.0NPanettaDCalifornia 20CH
2.0NCarbajalDCalifornia 24CH
2.0NBarragánDCalifornia 44CH
2.0NCorreaDCalifornia 46CH
2.0NBlunt RochesterDDelaware - at largeCH
2.0NDemingsDFlordia 10CH
2.0NCristDFlordia 13CH
2.0NRooney RFlorida 19CH
2.0NLawsonDFlorida 5CH
2.0NMurphyDFlorida 7CH
2.0NRooneyRFlorida 8CH
2.0NSotoDFlorida 9CH
2.0NSchneiderDIllinois 10CH
2.0NKrishnamoorthiDIllinois 8CH
2.0NMarshallRKansas 1CH
2.0NBrownDMaryland 4CH
2.0NRaskinDMaryland 8CH
2.0NRosenDNevada 3PH
2.0NKihuenDNevada 4PH
2.0NHassanDNew HampshireCS
2.0NShea-PorterDNew Hampshire 1PH
2.0NGottheimerDNew Jersey 5CH
2.0NEspaillatDNew York 13CH
2.0NSuozziDNew York 3CH
2.0NGonzález-ColónRPuerto RicoCH
2.0NKustoffRTennessee 8CH
2.0NGonzalezDTexas 15CH
2.0NTaylorRVirginia 2PH
2.0NMcEachinDVirginia 4CH
2.0NJayapalDWashington 7CH
2.0NCheneyRWyoming at largeCH
2.0YBiggsRArizona 5CH
2.0YGaetzRFlorida 1CH
2.0YMastRFlorida 18PH
2.0YDunnRFlorida 2CH
2.0YRutherfordRFlorida 4CH
2.0YFergusonRGeorgia 3CH
2.0YYoungR IndianaCS
2.0YBanksRIndiana 3CH
2.0YHollingsworthRIndiana 9CH
2.0YHigginsRLouisiana 3CH
2.0YJohnsonRLouisiana 4CH
2.0YBergmanRMichigan 1CH
2.0YMitchellRMichigan 10CH
2.0YLewisRMinnesota 2PH
2.0YBaconRNebraska 2CH
2.0YFasoRNew York 19PH
2.0YTenneyRNew York 22PH
2.0YBuddRNorth Carolina 13CH
2.0YSmuckerRPennsylvania 11CH
2.0YGarrettRVirginia 5PH
2.0YGallagherRWisconsin 8CH
1.8YZinkeRMontana at-largePH
1.4YCurtisRUtah 3CH
1.4NJones RAlabamaCS
1.0NLambDPennsylvania 17CH
0.7NCloudRTexas 27CH
0.5NBaldersonROhio 12CH
0.2NHernROklahoma 1CH
0.2NScanlonDPennsylvania 5CH
0.2NMorelleDNew York 25CH
0.1NWildDPennsylvania 7CH
0.0NLeskoRArazonia 8CH
0.0NKirkpatrickDArizona 2CH
0.0NStantonDArizona 9CH
0.0NHarderRCalifornia 10CH
0.0NCoxDCalifornia 21CH
0.0NHillDCalifornia 25CH
0.0NCisnerosDCalifornia 39CH
0.0NPorterDCalifornia 45CH
0.0NRoudaDCalifornia 48CH
0.0NLevinDCalifornia 49CH
0.0NNuguseDColorado 2CH
0.0NCrowDColorado 6CH
0.0NHayesDConnecticut 5CH
0.0NSpanoRFlorida 15CH
0.0NSteubeRFlorida 17CH
0.0NMucarsel-PowellDFlorida 26CH
0.0NShalalaDFlorida 27CH
0.0NWaltzRFlorida 6CH
0.0NMcBathDGeorgia 6CH
0.0NCaseDHawaii 1CH
0.0NFulcherRIdaho 1CH
0.0NUnderwoodDIllinois 14CH
0.0NGarcíaDIllinois 4CH
0.0NCastenDIllinois 6CH
0.0NBairdRIndiana 4CH
0.0NPenceRIndiana 6CH
0.0NFinkenauerDIowa 1CH
0.0NAxneDIowa 3CH
0.0NWatkinsRKansas 2CH
0.0NDavidsDKansas 3CH
0.0NGoldenDMaine 2CH
0.0NTroneDMaryland 6CH
0.0NTrahanDMassachusetts 3CH
0.0NPressleyDMassachusetts 7CH
0.0NStevensDMichigan 11CH
0.0NTlaibDMichigan 13CH
0.0NSlotkinDMichigan 8CH
0.0NCraigDMinnesota 2CH
0.0NPhilipsDMinnesota 3CH
0.0NOmarDMinnesota 5CH
0.0NGuestRMississippi 3CH
0.0NLeeDNevada 3CH
0.0NHorsfordDNevada 4CH
0.0NPappasDNew Hampshire 1CH
0.0NSherrillDNew Jersey 11CH
0.0NVan DrewDNew Jersey 2CH
0.0NLimDNew Jersey 3CH
0.0NMalinowskiDNew Jersey 7CH
0.0NHaalandDNew Mexico 1CH
0.0NTorres SmallDNew Mexico 2CH
0.0NRoseDNew York 11CH
0.0NOcasio-CortezDNew York 14CH
0.0NDelgadoDNew York 19CH
0.0NBrindisiDNew York 22CH
0.0NVacant0North Carolina 9CH
0.0NCramerRNorth DakotaCS
0.0NArmstrong0North Dakota At LargeCH
0.0NGonzalezROhio 16CH
0.0NHorn0Oklahoma 5CH
0.0NJoyceRPennsylvania 13CH
0.0NReschenthakerRPennsylvania 14CH
0.0NDeanDPennsylvania 4CH
0.0NHoulahanDPennsylvania 6CH
0.0NMeuserRPennsylvania 9CH
0.0NCunninghamDSouth Carolina 1CH
0.0NJohnsonRSouth Dakota At LargeCH
0.0NBurchettRTennessee 2CH
0.0NRoseRTennessee 6CH
0.0NGreenRTennessee 7CH
0.0NEscobarDTexas 16CH
0.0NCrenshawRTexas 2CH
0.0NRoyRTexas 21CH
0.0NGarciaDTexas 29CH
0.0NVan TaylorRTexas 3CH
0.0NAllredDTexas 32CH
0.0NGoodenRTexas 5CH
0.0NWrightRTexas 6CH
0.0NFletcherRTexas 7CH
0.0NMcAdamsDUtah 4CH
0.0NWextonDVirginia 10CH
0.0NLuriaDVirginia 2CH
0.0NRigglemanRVirginia 5CH
0.0NClineRVirginia 6CH
0.0NSpanbergerDVirginia 7CH
0.0NSchrierDWashington 8CH
0.0NMillerRWest Virginia 3CH
0.0NSteilRWisconsin 1CH
0.0YHagedornRMinnesota 1CH
0.0YStauberRMinnesota 8CH
0.0YTimmonsRSouth Carolina 4CH