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Videos on the Debt and Solutions

U.S. budget deficit surpasses $1 trillion mark

Trump’s many proposals for paying off the national debt

America's Rising National Debt - Explained

Articles on the Debt

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Pete Buttigieg’s Vow to Cut the Deficit Is Fiscally Irresponsible

Intelligencer By Eric Levitz@EricLevitz A fresh-faced candidate with old, decrepit ideas about public debt. Photo: ...

Why America isn’t doing anything about the national debt

We agree the debt is a problem, but we don’t actually want to ...

At $23 Trillion, the U.S. National Debt Already Exceeds the Size of the U.S. Economy

The National Interest Jan. 3, 2020 by Romina Boccia . Remember the last time ...

President’s Commitment to Reduce US Debt

It may depend on the day of the week and with who he is talking!

Elected Politicians - Most Debt Incurred

We are building a Wall – A Wall of Shame!

How to Hold Elected Politicians Responsible

Ideas we think are actionable and need your help.

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How to Hold Elected Politicians Responsible!
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In all likelihood, “This will not end well and You will pay for it one way or another!”