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U.S. budget deficit surpasses $1 trillion mark

Trump’s many proposals for paying off the national debt

America's Rising National Debt - Explained

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Senate Republicans’ $1 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Billions for New Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Missiles

Much of the military spending in the GOP's HEALS Act replaces funding that ...

Fitch downgrades US outlook to negative from stable

Yahoo Finance - Washington (AFP) - Ratings agency Fitch on Friday downgraded the ...

CPAs 100-Day March to Election Day

CPAs 100-Day March to Election Day CPAs to Educate Voters on Our Country's ...

President’s Commitment to Reduce US Debt

It may depend on the day of the week and with who he is talking!

Elected Politicians - Most Debt Incurred

We are building a Wall – A Wall of Shame!

How to Hold Elected Politicians Responsible

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