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The Next Pandemic Will Be Caused by the National Debt. It Will Crater the Economy

Trump’s proposals for growing the economy or paying off the national debt didn't work

Does the National Debt Still Matter? America's Greatest Gamble

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Federal budget deficit continues to grow big

      As a nation, we have become addicted to budget deficits. ...

An Ocean of Red Ink as Far as the Eye Can See

Visual Capitalist has created an interactive visualization of the publicly-held portion of the U.S. ...

Opinion: Biden’s budget would beget the Italian Republic of America

By trying to fix every social problem, Biden would cripple the U.S. economy ...

How Biden’s Fiscal Policy Affects the Deficit, the Debt, and You

A Look into the Nation’s Fiscal Future and its Possible Outcomes According to ...

President’s Commitment to Reduce US Debt

It may depend on the day of the week and with who he is talking!

Elected Politicians - Most Debt Incurred

We are building a Wall – A Wall of Shame!

How to Hold Elected Politicians Accountable

Ideas we think are actionable and need your help.

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