Our Goals

It’s Broken – Many are talking about it. Yet, no one is fixing it!

How do we as patriotic, hardworking, taxpayers sit idly by and watch as Elected Politicians manipulate dysfunctional, some may say corrupt, broken government budgetary, spending, and borrowing systems which continue to hurt the U.S.?  U.S. national debt is a visible and measurable symptom of gross mismanagement and/or of failed systems. Our goal is to be a Disrupter, in a positive sense, to create positive change to these mismanaged and failed systems. If systems are dysfunctional or broken they need to be fixed or hold those responsible for fixing them accountable.

With your help, together, we will seek to identify ways to force Elected Politicians to prudently manage U.S. finances and debt and hold them and their staff  individually accountable.  The national debt is a debt taxpayers will be forced to service and repay. Elected Politicians and their Parties have repeatedly demonstrated they can not, or will not, properly manage U.S. finances.  They keep producing growing annual deficits which adds to the debt. They have been repeatedly warned this is unsustainable for the U.S. economy, and it is a threat to U.S. economic and national security.

Two 800 Pound Gorillas

$23 trillion in US National Debt ($180,000 for every U.S. household) and over $70 Trillion in unfunded, future obligations and growing are huge issues! They are the “800 pound gorillas in the room.” Elected Politicians talk about it when it suites them. They blame the other side. They never take responsibility, and it is unlikely they will fix it before a crisis occurs.

Elected Politicians have mismanaged U.S. finances, while often benefitting themselves, at the expense of our country. They have proven themselves unwilling and unable to manage spending, at the same time they have cut revenue and are forcing US Taxpayers deeper and deeper into debt. A debt Taxpayers do not want and one which is well beyond 99% of Taxpayers’ ability to repay.

Why Did Elected Politicians Do This?  Misaligned Economic Incentives

The existing business model incentivizes and handsomely compensates those individuals involved in lobbying for special interest which often results in reduced revenue or increased spending.  Others are compensated to teach, write, think and report on and talk about the debt. It often benefits Elected Politicians, financially and otherwise, when they create laws, rules, tax loopholes and government actions, or inactions, on behalf of themselves, their Party, or special interests that results in increasing the national debt. These special interests repay their gratitude by making political contributions, often in money, to the Elected Politicians and their Party or by other means. Elected Politicians, a relatively small number of companies, wealthy contributors, foreign countries and others receive substantial benefits under this system. U.S. Taxpayers pay for this and U.S. Taxpayers will have less resources and security in the future.

On the other side of this model, no one is compensated at similar levels to stop the increase in debt. There are a handful of capable, well-meaning, understaffed and underfunded, watchdog not-for-profits working to raise awareness and educate the public about the level and dangers of U.S. debt and to work with Elected Politicians. They depend on donations from informed, concerned individuals and entities to fund their small operations. Despite their dedication and hard work Elected Politicians are increasing US Debt.

Elected Politicians have a time tested, well-developed, effective, economic business model which incurs and increase debt.  There is no business model, high paying or not, to thoughtfully constrain them, reduce the level of U.S. debt or to hold Elected Politicians individually accountable for their mismanagement of U.S. finances and jeopardizing our future security.

Our Goals

It has been said, there are three types of people in the world:

  1. those that make things happen,
  2. those that watch things happen, and
  3. the largest number of people who after an event ask – What Happened?

Our Goal is to engage those that have been watching Elected Politicians mismanage US finances and cause this astronomical debt problem, and to affiliate with those who want to make positive change happen in a constructive way. Along the way, it will be great to educate and engage those who would have asked – What Happened?, if that is possible. There are a few competent not-for-profits doing this. They are listed under Best Sources.

We hope to solicit thoughts and ideas from concerned, knowledgeable Taxpayers and take action on how to:

  1. identify and structure a for-profit-business model to incentivize and commercially compensate well-intended individuals to reduce U.S. National Debt,
  2. hold Elected Politicians individually accountable for their mismanagement of U.S. finances and the insecurity they have created in our future,
  3. assist capable, well-meaning, but understaffed and underfunded not-for-profits and others working to reduce the annual deficits and debt, and fix the broken systems,
  4. encourage participation and cooperation from others who understand this problem and the damage it has caused, and who want to fix it but don’t know how, and
  5. welcome and encourage constructive competition between entrepreneurs to create this new “for-profit business model” and become “Disrupters” to this severely broken, self-interested, and entrenched business model created and used by Elected Politicians.  It may not matter who fixes it so long as it is fixed properly. The rewards will be much more than monetary.

Granted, this is no small undertaking. We want to focus on taking action to fix the problem and not just be another “talking head.” It is not our plan to drown you in charts, graphs, statistics, economic theories and big words as to why this is a problem, or not. Others have been doing this for many years, and they are much better equipped to accomplish this. Yet, the debt keeps mounting. We’ll gladly recognize and recommend them for their dedication, hard work and expertise.

Some may say this can not be done since Elected Politicians control spending and laws, and it is not in their self-interest to change the existing system. It may be improbable but not impossible. If an atom can be split, DNA decoded, instant audio and visual communication with someone on the other side of the globe, then why can’t the self-interested, partisan, broken, dysfunctional systems and ways Elected Politicians have operated for centuries be changed for the well-being and financial security of US?

Elected Politicians, their Parties and those gaming and abusing the systems to their advantage have proven they will not do it!