Disclosures, Terms, Conditions, and Rules


“US” is used throughout this website and related material to represent: 1) The United States of America, and 2) us as citizens and taxpayers.

“Elected Politicians” is used throughout this website and related material in lieu of “Representatives”, “Policymakers” or any other label to refer to the men and women elected, past or present, to the US Senate, US House of Representatives, the US Office of the President, and any other elected office. It is used since: 1) they have been elected, and 2)  politician is defined as “a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.”

We recognize that not all Elected Politicians are inappropriately influenced by lobbyists, contributors, special interests, their political party, base or others at the expense of the United States. Absent a written attestation, under penalty of perjury, we do not know how to identify which ones and at what times. For now, they are all categorized the same. We will gladly individually name those who warrant separate designation if they will sign such an attestation or provide documented proof.

We believe the information and our opinions in the website to be accurate. Please notify us immediately if you identify incorrect, inaccurate, questionable or misleading information or statements, and explain why and provide documented proof. We will review your written submission and documentation and make changes, if we deem it appropriate.

Information in this website came from both original writing and sourced from other websites, articles and other places. We re in the process of reviewing the source of information and will update the website to reflect the source. In order to avoid an allegation of plagiarism, at this time, it is safer for us to state than none of the content of this website is original work – it all belongs to others.  Our goal is not to take or receive credit for original work. Rather, it is to solicit idea on how to hold Elected Politicians Responsible for their mismanagement of US.

Following are our Terms, Conditions and Rules for posting comments:

The purpose of this website is to find ways to fix the broken budget and spending system and the US National Debt and future unfunded obligations, Identify the role Elected Politicians and others have played in the growth of the Debt and to encourage readers to offer thoughtful comments and suggestions on how to lower the Debt and hold accountable those responsible for the mismanagement of the US finances. We reserve the right use your comments and thoughts on this website and other places, with or without attribution, and to remove or modify any comment or thought for any reason.

We require that commenters will:
  1. offer well thought out, concise comments that are factual and pertinent to the topic or discussion.
  2. be respectful of others – no vulgarities, obscenities, threats, hate, ethnically or racially offensive abusive comments and spam,
  3. not be overly critical (in our opinion) of Elected Politicians, or anyone else, by name – excessive comments (in our opinion) like Bush did this or Obama did that are not welcome,
  4. let us know if you identify a comment you think violates these guidelines (or violates a reasonable guideline we should have),
  5. comments that include links may not appear on the site unless a we have reviewed them.
  6. bear with us as we build this website and ideas about an economic business model to reduce the debt so bear in mind that we are still working on the site and Rules.

We will value any constructive thoughts you may have in helping US make this website better.