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The US balance sheet is out of whack

Americans are running up against Monday’s deadline to file their taxes — a month late in this pandemic year — and leaders in Washington have designs on spending even more taxpayer money going forward. Most of the $3.5 trillion the government brings in — about $1.9 trillion — is from you and people like you, in the […]

What the Bleep is Going On?

Craziness abounds… astonishing government spending and debt… how our analysts will help you navigate “What the Bleep is Going On?” this week We begin today’s Digest by jumping straight into a piece written by our CEO, Brian Hunt. I (Jeff) will circle back later. But for now, here’s Brian… ***“What the bleep is going on?” If you’ve […]

Deficit history

I hear the Republicans in the House and Senate suddenly realizing the United States has a deficit when the Green New Deal is mentioned. So let’s have a discussion about deficits. The entire debt of the U.S. from its inception in 1776 until Jan. 20, 1981, was $800 billion. That included the cost of the […]

The US Government’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Is Worse Than Greece’s Before the 2008 Crash (And It’s About to Get Worse)

The US is in uncharted debt territory. That should worry us. President Biden on Wednesday pitched a new plan to Americans before a joint session of Congress: more spending. The just-released $1.8 trillion plan, presented just weeks after Biden signed a $1.9 trillion in COVID relief spending into law, includes “free” community college as well as […]