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America’s Economy Going the Way of Rome

Why Joe Biden’s budget will bankrupt the United States The Roman Empire fell when the state could no longer obtain sufficient resources through taxation and was forced to debase its currency to raise revenue. The tax reforms of Diocletian in the third century were so draconian that many landowners were driven to bankruptcy, as those […]

OPINION: Feds blew it on COVID relief

If ever there was justification for sudden, expedited, large-scale federal expenditure, the COVID crisis was it. Americans faced a deadly pandemic. Governmental responses to it — some prudent, others panicky — had suppressed mobility, economic activity, and even basic personal freedoms to an unprecedented degree. Some federal relief was necessary. As is now clear, however, […]

From economic sleight of hand to stark reality

Politicians must think voters live in an alternate reality. Why else would they push fantastic fictions about the boogeymen they claim are responsible for inflation, when every morning they see the culprit staring back at them in the mirror? The bill for years of unbounded spending and pandering for votes is coming due, and, as […]

Deeper and deeper in debt

In his State of the Union address, President Biden claimed he would, be “the only president to ever cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion in a single year.” While this is technically true, he ignores the fact that the reduction in the deficit will be due to the decreased expenditures associated with COVID-19 […]

Citizens Against Government Waste Names Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee March 2022 Porker of the Month

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) our March 2022 Porker of the Month for calling the debt ceiling a “figment of your imagination in terms of its validity.” Taxpayers, who are bearing the costs of the $30 trillion national debt, should be concerned about Rep. […]

This claim: “Government spending is . . . reducing the national debt. It is not inflationary.”

– House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Friday, March 11 We say: Pelosi clearly thinks Americans will buy anything. The truth? When you spend more money than you take in, you simply have to borrow — as more Americans may now have to do, thanks to inflation’s hit on the dollar’s purchasing power. By the way, despite Pelosi’s flagrant disinformation, […]