Month: April 2021

OPINION: Nation debt increasing at an alarming rate

Fmr. Sen. George Nodland, R-Dickinson, shares his take on nation debt increasing at an alarming rate   The national debt has been in the news recently since both the Trump administration and the Biden administration have passed and are administrating Coronavirus relief bills spending over $3.9 trillion. This addition to the existing debt, when spent, […]

Kelly Hawes: Newfound worries about the debt

Now that a Democrat is in the White House, Republicans seem a lot more concerned about the national debt. Speaking to reporters in his home state of Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested the debt was already high enough. “We’ve reached a critical point here,” he said. He noted that the debt, which hit […]

BUSINESS MONDAY: Does debt matter?

Is debt dangerous? It depends. In a rare show of bipartisan politics, both this administration and the previous one seem to say “no”. With a compliant Federal Reserve Bank, it appears there is no limit to the spending funded by borrowing more. I suppose it is true to say, “as long as there are no […]

Op-Ed: Uncle Sam is broke but continues to run deficits

Out-of-control government spending is a dangerous problem that both political parties are failing to address. The national debt of the United States is $28 trillion and rising and the federal government continues to run massive deficits. The COVID-19 pandemic has only escalated government spending. The national debt represents a significant crisis for the nation. A […]

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is downplaying record debt levels. These are the 15 countries that hold the most US debt.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell said this week that while US government borrowing at current levels is “unsustainable,” the current debt level is “very sustainable” and won’t be a concern in the near-term. “The US federal budget is on an unsustainable path, meaning simply that the debt is growing meaningfully faster than the economy,” he said […]

The National Debt Clock: A Ticking Time Bomb

Does anyone actually care? At the moment, our national debt exceeds $28 TRILLION — about 80% held as public debt and the rest as intragovernmental debt. That is $225,000 per taxpayer. Federal annual spending this year is almost $8 trillion, and more than half of that is deficit spending — piling on the national debt. If that […]