Month: November 2017

Republicans Will Not Reduce Our National Debt!

Why should anyone be surprised that the Republican Leadership and the Republican Senate Budget Committee Members do not care about approving Tax Cuts to Corporations and the Wealthy and adding almost $12 Trillion to our National Debt over the next 10 years, bringing it to $32 Trillion? They either don’t care about our national debt, […]

NYT – Orin Hatch Wants to be in Control of Committee not our US Debt!

A NYT 11/15 article quoted  – “Let me be in control of this committee, not you,” Mr. Hatch said. Hatch in control? He must be joking. He’s obviously not in control of anything! Since Hatch assumed office $19.9 Trillion of our $20.5 Trillion in national debt has been incurred. That’s’ right, virtually all our US […]

Tax Cuts are a Loan from China, Russia, and Others and Not a Christmas Present!

Republicans said the appearance of a tax increase for low-income people was a mirage resulting from arcane fiscal math. Mirage, Arcane fiscal math, knowingly using unrealistic forecasts of future growth, telling outright lies to the American Taxpayers, benefitting themselves while stating they will not to – just some examples. Welcome to American Elected Politicians! All […]

Are There Any Good Women and Men in Congress?

Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of our country! Good women and men in Congress, if there are any, will stop this scam of a tax cut! Trump and the Republicans’ Tax Cuts is a scam designed to permanently cut taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy […]