Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of our country!

Good women and men in Congress, if there are any, will stop this scam of a tax cut!

Trump and the Republicans’ Tax Cuts is a scam designed to permanently cut taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy and throw a few crumbs to the Middle Class and call it their Christmas Present. These Tax Cuts will add $1.5 trillion in additional debt over the next ten years to the $10.5 already planned. This is crazy at best, criminal at worst.

Trump, aided and abetted by Republicans in Congress, is giving the Middle Class a Christmas Present paid for on their credit card.  After Christmas, they will get their credit card statement. They and their children will be forced to pay interest and make payments for the rest of their lives as essential services are reduced or eliminated to pay for this borrowing.

Oh, and now that the excess cash in the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds have been taken by Congress for current consumption we will borrowing even more from places like China, Russia, Tax Havens, and others.

Where are the good men and women and uncles in Congress to stop this scam???

Are there any? We shall soon see!

We must find a way to hold self-interested Elected Politicians and their staffers, from both parties, personally liable, responsible and accountable for the lies they have told US, their gross mismanagement of our county, our $20.5 T and growing national debt (108% of GDP), and our $100 T in future, unfunded liabilities they forced on US jeopardizing our economic and national security, while benefiting themselves, their staffers, their party and special interest donors.