Republicans said the appearance of a tax increase for low-income people was a mirage resulting from arcane fiscal math.

Mirage, Arcane fiscal math, knowingly using unrealistic forecasts of future growth, telling outright lies to the American Taxpayers, benefitting themselves while stating they will not to – just some examples. Welcome to American Elected Politicians!

All this from a group who, without a single hearing, votes for the 400-plus-page complex legislation, filled with technical terms and continued loopholes that they likely don’t understand and probably never read.

All they needed to know is that it benefits themselves, and their Corporate and Wealthy Special Interest Contributors.

And, they can put lipstick on their pig and sell it to the American Taxpayer as their Christmas Present.

Wake up America!! It’s not a Christmas Tax Cut present. It is a Loan that Middle –Class American Taxpayers will pay interest on and one day pay off the principal.

We must find a way to hold self-interested Elected Politicians and their staffers, from both parties, personally liable, responsible and accountable for the lies they have told US, their gross mismanagement of our county, our $20.5 T and growing national debt (108% of GDP), and our $100 T in future, unfunded liabilities they forced on US jeopardizing our economic and national security, while benefiting themselves, their staffers, their party and special interest donors.