Month: April 2022

How the covid-19 pandemic affected national debts

This is the full transcript for episode 2 of season 3 of the Quartz Obsession podcast, National debt: Acceptable imbalance. Kira Bindrim: You could be forgiven for thinking that hanging onto debt, any debt, is a bad thing. When people go into debt, like many do to attend college, make major purchases, or put a down payment on a home, they’re often […]

Government spending and the fight to lower taxes

For many of us, filing our taxes this year has felt like adding insult to injury. Government spending has created an inflation crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in forty years. Americans are paying more for just about everything. Gas prices at some stations in Minnesota are now topping $4 a gallon. Essential […]

A bill to cut billions in government waste

With millions of people filing their federal taxes this week, it’s a good time to check in on the nation’s finances. Last year, the federal government ran a nearly $2.8 trillion deficit. That pushed publicly held debt to an incomprehensible $24 trillion , or more than $70,000 per person. Washington is projected to spend at least $1 […]

A financial crisis and a tornado: prepare and prevent

On the morning of Monday, Oct. 19, 1987, after some troubling trade data and Washington rumors over the previous week, stock markets around the world went into free-fall. Over that one day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22.6 percent, the largest one-day drop in the history of the index. Fourteen markets around the world fell […]

Eat the Rich? They’re Not Even Filling

The latest billionaire list is peanuts next to what progressives want. Forbes is out with its annual billionaires list, so it’s time for a reminder that even if progressive politicians ate the rich, it would barely take the edge off their hunger. President Biden’s recent budget plan includes a disguised wealth tax on centimillionaires, and he’s […]

Ron Paul: Joe Biden’s Big Government Spending Plan

The annualized interest payment on the $30-plus trillion US national debt increased by over $16 billion in just six months. With the COVID crisis seemingly in the rear-view mirror, the economy allegedly strong, and the Fed raising interest rates to supposedly fight inflation, you’d think this might be a good time for the government to address […]