Month: August 2020

America Needs to Talk About Its Debt Problem

Barrons – ECONOMY AND POLICY COMMENTARY Robert Hormats – Aug. 3, 2020 4:05 pm ET Virtually every government in the world has engaged in massive borrowing to address the medical costs of Covid-19 and the economic disruption it continues to inflict. The United States is no exception, as Congress considers spending well over a $1 […]

Senate Republicans’ $1 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Billions for New Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Missiles

Much of the military spending in the GOP’s HEALS Act replaces funding that was redirected to pay for Trump’s border wall. REASON CHRISTIAN BRITSCHGI | 7.28.2020 5:40 PM The $1 trillion coronavirus relief package released by Senate Republicans this week includes billions of dollars for new weapons and defense projects that appear to have little to do […]

Fitch downgrades US outlook to negative from stable

Yahoo Finance – Washington (AFP) – Ratings agency Fitch on Friday downgraded the outlook for the United States to negative from stable, warning of high debt and deficits made worse by the coronavirus downturn. “The outlook has been revised to negative to reflect the ongoing deterioration in the US public finances and the absence of […]