Why should anyone be surprised that the Republican Leadership and the Republican Senate Budget Committee Members do not care about approving Tax Cuts to Corporations and the Wealthy and adding almost $12 Trillion to our National Debt over the next 10 years, bringing it to $32 Trillion?

They either don’t care about our national debt, are incapable of fixing it, or are compensated not to fix it. Yet, they claim they can fix it despite their public record!

Since assuming office our current $20.6 Trillion National Debt has increased approximately the following amounts under each of their leaderships. Almost all are signers of the Grover Norquist Pledge never to raise taxes (in $Trillions):

Republican Leadership:

McConnell       $18.7 T

Ryan                 $15.0 T

McCarthy         $11.9 T

Scalise               $11.1 T

Rodgers           $ 4.1 T

Messer             $ 4.1 T

Republican Senate Budget Committee:

Enzi                 $20.0 T

Grassley          $19.7 T

Crapo               $15.0 T

Graham           $14.2 T

Corker              $11.2 T

Boozman –      $ 6.6 T

Toomey           $ 6.6 T

Johnson           $ 6.6 T

Perdue             $ 2.5 T

Gardner           $ 2.5 T

Kennedy          $ 1.0 T