A NYT article today discussed how to clean out the rot in Washington. It recommended penalizing them by overwhelmingly not re-electing them for their repeated, and in many cases obvious, lies.

Here is better approach – Overwhelming electoral defeat of either party will not clean out the rot. It’s to entrenched. A new bunch of Elected Politicians will take their place, learn from their predecessors’ mistakes and be harder to control. Just like fighting cancer.

It’s personal liability, charges of self-dealing, bankrupting themselves and their families in their defense, prosecution and jail time!  And, loss of their federal pensions and benefits.

Do it to a few Elected Politicians and their staffers and the rest will be turning states evidence on one another!

We must find a way to hold self-interested Elected Politicians and their staffers, from both parties, personally liable, responsible and accountable for the lies they have told US, their gross mismanagement of our county, our $20.6 T and growing national debt (108% of GDP), and our $100 T in future, unfunded liabilities they forced on US jeopardizing our economic and national security, while benefiting themselves, their staffers, their party and special interest donors.


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