I try not to get involved in politics outside of the national debt. But US meddling, conflicts and wars in the Middle East have crippled US financially. The following post is in reply to Trump’s announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Who Do We Think We Are?

The US has once again proven itself not to be an honest broker in the Middle East. Do Israel and Palestine each have a right to exist – Sure. As neighbors, let them work it out for themselves!

How many US and Middle Eastern lives have been lost, and will continue to be lost, due to US meddling and military involvement in the Middle East?

How many more war crimes will Americans commit in the Middle East.

How many more trillions of dollars will be wasted from US spying and military conflicts in the Middle East? It’s money we don’t have. We borrow it from our Social Security Trust Fund, Medicare Trust Fund, Russia, China, and even Israel – which is ironic – since we often fight their wars!

If Trump wants war in the Middle East let him, Donald Jr, Eric, Jared, Ivanka and the rest of the Trump family fight it. Not the lower and middle-class families!

Trump say America first. Great – America get out of the Middle East. NOW!

We must find a way to hold self-interested Elected Politicians and their staffers, from both parties, personally liable, responsible and accountable for the lies they have told US, their gross mismanagement of our county, our $20.6 T and growing national debt (108% of GDP), and our $100 T in future, unfunded liabilities they forced on US jeopardizing our economic and national security, while benefiting themselves, their staffers, their party and special interest donors.