NYT Opinion Columnist, David Leonhardt,  wrote an article pointing out: “For Americans under the age of 40, the 21st century has resembled one long recession.  I realize that may sound like an exaggeration, given that the economy has now been growing for almost a decade. Their incomes are flat. Their wealth is down.  And Washington is aggravating future threats. But the truth is that younger Americans have not benefited much.”

It is a thought provoking article about the US’s generational divide. Hopefully it will be a peaceful transition but it could end up in generational warfare.

The WWII generation left our country much better off for the Boomers. The Boomers mismanaged our country in business for their self-interest and in endless global military operations, destroyed the environment not just for US but the world and they are leaving the US more vulnerable, and much worse for Boomers!