Rep. Andy Biggs issues a dire warning about the national debt he helped create

EJ Montini, Arizona Republic – Published 12:25 p.m. MT Nov. 4, 2019


Opinion: It’s like an obnoxious house guest eating all the jalapeño poppers then calling the party lame owing to the lack of snacks.


Rep. Andy Biggs 

I’d guess that Rep. Andy Biggs believes you are too busy to pay attention to what goes on in Washington, D.C.

Or he believes you don’t care.

Or he believes you’re stupid.

Over the weekend Biggs issued a press release lamenting the fact that the national debt has ballooned to nearly $23 trillion.

“It should frighten every American,” Biggs said in the release. “Members of the next generation will each be saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt – simply because their elected officials in the U.S. Congress won’t make the tough decisions necessary to cut spending and balance the budget.”


Tax cuts are accelerating national debt

That would be like an obnoxious house guest eating all the jalapeño poppers, then calling the party lame owing to the lack of snacks.

Biggs was among the Republican majority that pushed through Donald Trump’s massive tax cuts, most of which benefited billionaires and corporations.

The result is an exploding national debt, a massive budget deficit and one of the world’s greatest scams.

Written into Trump’s tax law is the fact that individual tax breaks will expire by 2026 while the big fat corporate breaks were made permanent.

All this after the supporters of the tax breaks actually said the cuts would pay for themselves.

Again, HA!

Meantime, more cuts are planned

The national debt is otherworldly and the budget deficit – which Trump said he would eliminate – is creeping toward $1 trillion.

Not only that, but while Biggs issues dire warnings about the potentially catastrophic impact of such a massive debt (that he helped to create), Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said Trump would like to pass MORE tax cuts.

And you can bet that Biggs, as Trump’s minion numero uno, would go along.

And at the same time try to convince you that he’s really worried about the debt being handed to our children and grandchildren.

Hoping that either you’ve been too busy to pay attention.

Or you don’t care.

Or you’re stupid.

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