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Elected Politicians’ Mismanagement in Iraq Forced Taxpayers to Borrow approx. Two Trillion Dollars

America’s hubris in Iraq: the history – On Thursday, the US Army War College published a monumental and authoritative history of the Iraq War. Peter Bergen called it a devastating portrait of blunders — by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other American officials — that cited “an emboldened and expansionist Iran” as the only apparent […]

Skyrocketing Deficits? So What!

In a Bloomberg article, “Skyrocketing Deficits? So What, Says New Washington Consensus” the Editor writes: “With its plaintive call for balanced budgets, the fiscal hawk once pervaded Washington. But it’s getting harder to spot one. That’s because of President Donald Trump, and the equal-and-opposite reaction he’s provoked on the U.S. left. Trump is proving as […]

Are We Winning?

Today, the New York Times wrote an article about Trump declaring we are Winning. Following was a comment I posted. “I’m sorry but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning – …that is what it is all about.” Mr. Trump, that’s not what is all about – it’s how we win, and win for the […]

Will the U.S. Debt Ever Be Paid Off?

3 Ways to Reduce the Debt, and 3 Reasons Why It Won’t Happen By Kimberly Amadeo  Updated October 31, 2017 – Source “the balance” The U.S. debt is more than $20 trillion. It’s by far the largest in the world. It has increased by $1 trillion each year since 2007. The debt grew despite Congressional threats to not […]

Tipping Point – When Will We Reach It?

How much can anyone take? Or, how much should anyone take? When will hardworking, taxpaying, patriotic Americans reach a TIPPING POINT? We heard the repeated lies knowingly told by Trump and Republicans and watched the arm twisting, verging on extortion, in the House and Senate to ram through this middle-class crushing, debt exploding wealth transfer […]