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US GDP Rose by $850 Billion in 2019 as US National – Debt Surged by $1.2 Trillion. Debt-to-GDP Ratio Hit 108%

 Dream of 3% economic growth remained a dream despite surge in government borrowing and spending. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET January 30, 2020 The dreams of 3%-plus economic growth in the US remained dreams in 2019, despite tax cuts and ballooning federal government spending, which are a stimulus. But the resulting budget deficit caused the gross national debt […]


The United States leads the world in an unfortunate category: the expected pace of growth of its debt. That’s according to a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) report, which highlights that only seven advanced economies are anticipated to experience growth in debt relative to gross domestic product (GDP) between 2019 and 2024. The report shows that […]

Why Do My Fellow Republicans Make Excuses for Trump’s Deficits

He is driving the country to financial ruin. And his own party is letting it happen. NYT – By Mark Sanford – Feb. 18. 2020 Mr. Sanford is a former candidate for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination. President Trump’s budget proposal for the 2021 fiscal year. Credit…Samuel Corum for The New York Times People have a […]

Millennials, ‘Gen Z’ Care About the National Debt — and More

InsideSources – Posted to Finance February 18, 2020 by Gordon Gray Lazy clichés abound regarding the character of younger Americans. Google “millennial” or “Gen Z,” and the results suggest these generations of Americans are singlehandedly “ruining” cherished traditions with avocado toast in one hand and an iPhone in the other. Surely the last thing on these Americans’ minds […]

Japan’s economy is shrinking and a recession looks ‘all but inevitable’

By Jill Disis, CNN Business Updated 4:14 AM ET, Mon February 17, 2020 Hong Kong (CNN Business)Japan’s economy is flirting with recession, and the novel coronavirus could push it over the edge. The world’s third-largest economy shrank 1.6% in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to a government estimate released Monday. The decline from the third quarter is the […]

How George Washington would respond to today’s national debt – Andie Corban – Feb 17, 2020 Historian Alexis Coe is the author of the new book, “You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington.” She spoke to Marketplace about how the first American president approached the economy, and how national debt during Washington’s time compares to that of today. The United States is over $23 […]

Promises Made – Promises Broken – Trump’s 2021 and Beyond Budget

Promises Made – Candidate Trump promised to eliminate the national debt in eight years. It was $19 trillion then. Promises Broken – Over four of the eight years instead of reducing the debt, he will have added $4 trillion, and caused to add trillions more in the outer years. At the end of eight years he […]


NATIONAL DEBT INCREASED BY $3 TRILLION DURING DONALD TRUMP’S THREE YEARS AS PRESIDENT BY JAMES CROWLEY ON 1/23/20 AT 9:40 AM EST – Newsweek SHARE U.S.DONALD TRUMPNATIONAL DEBTDEBTDEFICIT Nearly four years after then-presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would eliminate the federal debt in eight years, the deficit has since risen by more than 16 percent under […]

The US is running a $1 trillion deficit, but politicians and investors don’t see a problem

CNBC – Market Insider PUBLISHED FRI, JAN 17 202011:14 AM EST UPDATED FRI, JAN 17 20202:00 PM EST Patti Domm@IN/PATTI-DOMM-9224884/@PATTIDOMM KEY POINTS The U.S. government is on track to run its first fiscal year deficit of more than $1 trillion since fiscal 2012. Economists and politicians were once very concerned about ballooning deficits, but the […]

Republicans Help Democrats Drain The U.S. Treasury

Forbes – 12/31/19  Adam Andrzejewski, Senior Contributor|POLICY  — Republicans Help Democrats Drain The U.S. Treasury From The Left —  Consensus and bipartisanship are rare in Washington, D.C. – except when it comes to spending taxpayer money. Since the end of the Obama era in 2016, the national debt has grown from $19.6 trillion to $23.2 trillion. This year, […]