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Chip Roy’s ‘Know Debt’ resolution would hang National Debt clocks in Congress

‘Members of Congress should keep the gross national debt in mind when debating legislation that would affect the Nation’s fiscal situation’ Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) introduced a resolution Monday in the U.S. House of Representatives to keep lawmakers mindful of the rapidly ballooning federal debt. Roy’s “Know Debt” resolution would put debt clocks in the […]

Liz Peek: Biden’s monster ‘rescue’ bill destroys campaign vows and endangers recovery 

Why was Biden unwilling to negotiate with GOP to arrive at a bipartisan compromise? Congratulations to President Biden, who just jammed his $1.9 TRILLION pork-stuffed “stimulus” bill through Congress with exactly zero Republican votes, smashing his campaign promise to govern as a moderate and unite the nation. The so-called “American Rescue Plan” is the largest bill ever passed in America’s history. It’s $1.9 with 11 zeroes, a number most of […]

MacLellan: How much debt is too much debt?

The amount of U.S. National Debt has been a favorite pet peeve of mine for the many years I have written these articles. Sometimes, I almost feel like a voice in the wilderness raising the issue as our debt continues to spiral upward seemingly without concern. This has been a bipartisan problem as both sides […]