Month: March 2021

Obernolte introduces legislation, constitutional amendment to balance budget

U.S. Rep. Jay Obernolte introduced a bill and a constitutional amendment on Friday that combined would address America’s unsustainable national debt. The United States has a debt of more than $28 trillion — $84,850 for every American citizen. House Resolution 263, the “Finding Federal Savings Committee Resolution,” would create reductions in federal spending by eliminating […]

Yellen: US has space to spend despite rising debt

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed confidence Wednesday that the U.S. has enough fiscal space to cover trillions more in spending on investments in the U.S. economy but said the federal government would eventually need to pare down the mounting debt. In testimony before a Senate panel, Yellen said that she believes the U.S. can afford to […]

Letter: Biden, media undoing progress

Joe Biden has been in office for nearly 60 days. Here’s a short list of what most in the press are calling his “accomplishments”: He has issued over 50 executive orders, more than any president in history for his time in office. The press often claimed Trump’s use of executive orders was “dictatorial.” He has […]

PURCELL: Never Save For A Rainy Day

When I grew up in the 1970s, my father taught my sisters and me to “always save for a rainy day.” He was a child of the Depression, after all, one of the longest “rainy day” periods Americans have ever experienced. In 2021, however, America’s new national mantra appears to be “borrow and spend like […]