Month: March 2021

GOP only began having debt concerns under Biden

Right on cue, as soon as President Joe Biden is elected, Republicans are expressing hysteria about the national debt. But fun fact: This is a brand new worry for the GOP. They weren’t worried about it when the previous president gave billions of dollars of tax breaks to rich people and their businesses. They didn’t […]

Time to Start Paying Down Debt, Uncle Sam

To the Editor: I can’t think of a better time for the government to cut back on spending and start paying down debt (“As the Covid-19 Pandemic Wanes, the U.S. Economy Could Soar,” Cover Story, March 12). As the virus is vanquished, it’s time to put the growth engine of the economy back in the […]

Senate Republicans plot their Covid aid payback

Despite overseeing trillions of dollars of red ink during Donald Trump’s presidency, the GOP is rediscovering its past embrace of fiscal discipline. After getting steamrolled by Democrats on President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid plan, Republicans are planning to fight back. And it could mean an autumn of stalemates over raising the debt ceiling, […]