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Republicans are concerned about the debt again, even as they admit Trump grew it

Republicans rediscover their concern for the national debt. Republicans who voted to grow the national debt under former president Donald Trump are trumpeting fiscal conservatism again during a Democratic presidency. (JM Rieger/The Washington Post)  Over the past month, Senate Republicans have acknowledged something that would have been anathema a decade ago: Debt and deficits not […]

National debt is a real cause for concern

Those $1,400 stimulus checks sent by the feds brought people some smiles. The checks accounted for about $410 billion of the entire $1.9 trillion stimulus, according to the Wall Street Journal. After all this federal largesse, our national debt sits at around $28 trillion. A lot of political agendas are pushed with exaggerations to drive […]

Republican senator urges scaled-down US infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden’s wide-reaching, $2.25 trillion proposal includes investments in roads, bridges and green energy. A top Republican in the United States Senate has urged President Joe Biden to scale down his ambitious, $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes investments in roads, bridges, elderly care and green energy. In an interview with ABC News programme […]

When the Party’s Over

Unless we start getting our fiscal house in order now, we will soon be at the mercy of our creditors. Somebody needs to remind President Biden about the Golden Rule — the real Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules, and we are clean out of ducats. Jim Rogers, the famous investor, offered a version […]

Why Investors Can’t Quit U.S. Debt

The long love affair between investors and U.S. Treasury securities isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. It has been an astonishing decade for the U.S. federal-debt load. From the budget deficits of the Great Recession, to President Trump’s tax cuts, to the spate of large pandemic-relief packages, the federal debt has grown from about $5 […]

Inflation is coming

When I was growing up an ice cream cone was a nickel a scoop. Now, a single scoop cone at my local Baskin Robbins is three dollars. That’s sixty nickels. So far as I am aware, there is no shortage of cows or sugar. A British economist, John Maynard Keynes, promoted the idea that government […]

Column: How COVID spending affects our fiscal health

In the last four years, the federal government has both cut government revenue and dramatically increased spending. It’s an unsettling combination, the precise long-term results of which will be debated by economists like myself until the cows come home. But at least one thing is already certain: The fiscal impact of all the federal COVID-19 […]