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Starbucks’ Howard Schultz – $21 Trillion Debt is Greatest Threat to US Domestically

Howard Schultz recently announced he will step-down as Starbucks’ Chairman at the end of the month. Conventional thinking he is planning on running for office. He was a guest on CNBC on Tuesday 6/5 and made some very interesting comments on US Debt. Here is the link: CNBC-Howard Schultz.  

Are We Winning?

Today, the New York Times wrote an article about Trump declaring we are Winning. Following was a comment I posted. “I’m sorry but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning – …that is what it is all about.” Mr. Trump, that’s not what is all about – it’s how we win, and win for the […]

Will the U.S. Debt Ever Be Paid Off?

3 Ways to Reduce the Debt, and 3 Reasons Why It Won’t Happen By Kimberly Amadeo  Updated October 31, 2017 – Source “the balance” The U.S. debt is more than $20 trillion. It’s by far the largest in the world. It has increased by $1 trillion each year since 2007. The debt grew despite Congressional threats to not […]

“Tackle Social Security” – First Congressional Pensions and Benefits

Hardworking taxpayers who paid into Social Security and Medicare all of their working lives, with the promised it will be there for them, know them as “Earned Benefits.” On the other hand, Elected Politicians call Social Security and Medicare “Entitlements.” This is not a minor distinction. It’s like the difference between – they have a legal […]

$6 Trillion+ Wasted in Middle East Wars paid for with US lives and your Social Security Money

I try not to get involved in politics outside of the national debt. But US meddling, conflicts and wars in the Middle East have crippled US financially. The following post is in reply to Trump’s announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Who Do We Think We Are? The US has once again […]

Tipping Point – When Will We Reach It?

How much can anyone take? Or, how much should anyone take? When will hardworking, taxpaying, patriotic Americans reach a TIPPING POINT? We heard the repeated lies knowingly told by Trump and Republicans and watched the arm twisting, verging on extortion, in the House and Senate to ram through this middle-class crushing, debt exploding wealth transfer […]

Historic Tax Heist

There was an article today entitled “Historic Tax Heist.” Frankly, the transfer of wealth and legislative process of this Tax Bill verges on criminal. The article points out the many and repeated lies told by Trump and Republicans. The article stated: “You can expect the lies to become even more brazen as Republicans seek to […]

Flynn – Terminate his Lifelong Federal Pension and Benefits & Clawback What’s Been Paid

Violating a position of trust. Unregistered, aiding and accepting money from foreign governments (some adversaries) and not disclosing it, admitting to lying to the FBI, possibly more to come. Immediately terminate his federal pension and lifelong benefits and clawback all benefits paid, regardless of jail time and a likely Trump pardon! Hardworking American taxpayers should […]

How to Clean Out the Rot in Washington

A NYT article today discussed how to clean out the rot in Washington. It recommended penalizing them by overwhelmingly not re-electing them for their repeated, and in many cases obvious, lies. Here is better approach – Overwhelming electoral defeat of either party will not clean out the rot. It’s to entrenched. A new bunch of […]

Republicans Will Not Reduce Our National Debt!

Why should anyone be surprised that the Republican Leadership and the Republican Senate Budget Committee Members do not care about approving Tax Cuts to Corporations and the Wealthy and adding almost $12 Trillion to our National Debt over the next 10 years, bringing it to $32 Trillion? They either don’t care about our national debt, […]